Global Personal Telepresence
Enjoy Vu2Vu's Fully Encrypted Video Conferencing
Fully Encrypted Video Conferencing
For less money than your mobile phone, use Vu2Vu's fully encrypted service.
Video Conferencing for less than a mobile phone.
Natural: Almost like being face-to-face, forget poor quality and delays.
Man relaxing during a teleconference
Versatile: Connect desktops, laptops, mobile devices and room systems.
Three people in a teleconference
Inexpensive: HD quality at a fraction of the cost of alternative systems.
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Have you ever wondered how good video conferencing can be?  Have you ever wished you could save money but still be able to get the non-verbal cues from your customer or vendor that you get from a face-to-face meeting? Take a look now at Vu2Vu's High Definition Video Conferencing capabilities. It provides the same face-to-face meeting capabilities while saving you travel time and money.

Vu2VuClick™: a Cloud Service

Video conferencing need not cost you a lot of money, nor does it require dedicated video room and network equipment.  Vu2VuClick™ provides personal telepresence to enabled desktops and laptops as well as HD video to dedicated room systems. Simplicity of operation and value for money is central to Vu2VuClick™. You focus on your business while we manage the service.

Video Conferencing for All

Until now, only large organizations could afford telepresence video conferencing where participants experience high quality, low latency video with a naturally engaging interaction. Vu2VuClick™ offers an inexpensive virtual service that moves telepresence to the desktop allowing face-to-face discussions with your customers, employees, and vendors.  Now everyone can get the natural experience and personal attention that they deserve.