About Us

Vu2Vu™ is a customer service provider (CSP) for Vidyo™ Inc., the market leader in Personal Telepresence video conferencing systems. Vidyo™ pioneered the use of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) solutions for video conferencing in 2005 and supplies the technology that powers 40% of the major forces in unified communications solutions.

Vidyo-premier-csp-logoWorld headquarters for Vu2Vu™ are in Dublin, Ireland from where it services the European market via its Vu2Vu™ Ireland subsidiary. Vu2Vu™ USA (a division of IQgistics Corporation), based in Austin, Texas covers the North American market while Vu2Vu™ Telepresence (SA) (Pty) Ltd serves the Southern African continent from its base in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Vu2Vu™ offers a less expensive, higher quality hosted video conferencing solution that can be used directly from a desktop, mobile or conference room environment. The Vu2Vu™ system can also connect to other legacy video conferencing and voice systems via the Vidyo™ Gateway. Each participant in a Vidyo™ conference experiences the best quality their connection will allow so that someone connecting via wireless in an airport does not dictate the quality for the other meeting endpoints such as an HD room system.

The use of video communication for holding remote meetings will result in huge savings in terms of time and money. Video conferencing makes it easy to involve multiple locations on a national and global scale when discussing issues and in fact tends to improve internal communications. The resulting reduction in unnecessary travel time contributes not only to cost savings but also to an improved quality of life for participants.

Vu2Vu™ allows you meet virtually, improve efficiencies, and save the environment!

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