About Us

Vu2Vu™ is a global group of companies with offices in Ireland, India, UAE, and USA with an expanding network of regional sales partners.

Let us start with a cliché: “The world is continually becoming smaller”. While this may appear so, today’s speed of communication and accessibility of busy executives wherever they may be are the real factors in promoting this perception. Vu2Vu™ Group will further contribute to this experience in a meaningful and affordable way.

Vu2Vu™ Holdings Limited is the parent company of the Vu2Vu™ Group and is registered in the Republic of Ireland. The group, through its subsidiaries, provides videoconferencing services through the cloud to facilitate fast and effective communication between people, wherever they are in the world, making use of latest technology and adopting a cloud based service model. Vu2Vu™ contributes to the “getting smaller” experience.

Vu2Vu™ Networks Limited provides a hosted solution to manage the technology and the infrastructure globally. Networks interfaces with our regional partners to develop and expand our global presence.

Vu2Vu™ Ireland Limited is a licensed Irish telecommunication company and ISP that specialises in the provision of hosted video services in addition to client specific IT services to the Irish and UK markets.

Vu2Vu™ provides the solution by focusing on emerging cloud computing technology to provide high definition video conferencing as a service wherever reasonable bandwidth is available. In this way videoconferencing is accessible to subscribers at their desks, at home or wherever they are, in the most convenient manner possible.

Vu2Vu™ empowers our customers so that video conferencing can be as simple as placing a telephone call.

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