VidyoRoom™ SE

VidyoRoom™ SE systems are the optimal addition to VidyoDesktop™ or VidyoConnect™:

They combine the benefits of classic room systems and the Vidyo™ technology.

The usability concept can be integrated seamlessly into the Vidyo™ environment.

The video conferencing system supports HD video with 1080/30fps or 720/60fps, data sharing and multi-point functionality.

A high-resolution camera is optimized for conference room conditions.


VidyoRoom™ SE systems have imperceptible latency for natural communication and high fault tolerance in traditional IP networks.

It is easy to configure and offer different display layouts (eg. active speaker, continuous presence, data sharing or a combination of these options).

Flexible conference control options are a click away using a standard remote control device.

Get far-end camera control from VidyoRooms™ SE

VidyoDesktop™s enables remote participants to control what they see as if they were in the room with other meeting participants.

VidyoRoom™ SE interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop™ and VidyoConnect™, traditional H.323 and SIP-based endpoints via VidyoGateway™ VE.

Solution Overview

VidyoRoom SE is an installable software group system that can deliver industry leading Ultra HD experiences on off-the-shelf computing hardware.

When combined with professional pan-tilt-zoom cameras and audio peripherals, it’s the ideal solution for organizations who need the flexibility to deploy video-enabled meeting rooms of various sizes.

Unlike competitors, VidyoRoom SE is a no-hassle enterprise video room software that can be optimized for every collaboration use-case without the room system price tag.

This versatile group solution supports a 4K screen or dual 1080p screens with plenty of flexibility in layouts for participant video and content.

Like every VidyoRoom solution, VidyoRoom SE supports multipoint conferencing, HD encoding and decoding, and content sharing and viewing.

End User Benefits

Get flexible content and participant video layouts

Multiple user-friendly remote control options including the free VidyoRemote3™ app for tablets,

Hand-held remote control with easy-to-use on-screen UI can slo be used

Vidyo Room has Calendar integration for one-click meeting access with support for Microsoft® Exchange and Google® Calendar

VidyoRoom users can meet with participants using H.323/SIP endpoints or other room systems,

Such as desktops, laptops, or mobile devices and Transmit high frame rate audio and video content up to 1080p30

while also receiving up to Ultra HD 4K video

Vidyo Room IT Benefits

Installs in minutes on standard computer hardware and USB based peripherals

With VidyoRoom you get options to purchase all hardware from the company’s preferred vendor

you also get the ability to adjust application mode to fit multiple use cases when running on Microsoft® Windows 10

The Vidyo Room Aligns with existing desktop security processes, tools and policies

VidyoRoom users get immediate access to the latest features with automatic software updates with a fully encrypted solution.

Both media and signaling Connects to the VidyoPlatform™ for highly scalable multipoint performance with imperceptible latency

The Vidyo room system has patented dynamic adaptation technologies continuously optimize media streams for unmatched fidelity

over variable networks and devices

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