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Vu2Click™ is a natural, versatile and inexpensive cloud based global personal telepresence service that makes the underlying infrastructure completely transparent to the end user, with a simple and easy to operate interface. IT skills are not required. Just log onto your own dedicated web portal and click to connect to your registered seats for point-to-point and multipoint calls. Vu2Vu™ can also provide connection to legacy video conferencing equipment via our network gateway.


Vu2Click™ brings HD telepresence to the desktop with no requirement for purpose built devices.

A simple download to an existing Windows, Mac or Linux based desktop or laptop computer within an organisation enables HD-quality, face-to-face conversations with colleagues. All you need is an internet connection.

Vu2Click™ enables multipoint video conferencing over general purpose IP networks, including wireless, without experiencing noticeable delays or loss of information. Each conference participant experiences the best quality service that their individual connection to the internet provides, so someone with a poor connection does not dictate the quality for the meeting.

VidyoInAction_Mac_smVu2Click™ empowers an organisation by putting the potential of natural, versatile and inexpensive video telepresence conferencing at every user’s fingertips. The Vu2Click™ leverages SVC (Scalable Video Coding) technology on a continuum of devices, from hand held to telepresence room systems, all in the same call. Go mobile and watch productivity rise with the quality of relationships formed through face-to-face communication. Personal telepresence re-orientates people to face the screen and camera allowing eye contact to be made with the person that you are speaking to and not with ‘the conference table’. Interaction is far superior and subtle facial reactions can be interpreted due to high resolution and minimal latency.

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