Learning Management System


Online learning Management System

Vu2Learn a Vu2Vu company has developed a learning management system that provides video based live and recorded online training secessions.  

The Vu2Learn hybrid LMS platform provides an immersive learning experience for students and teachers.

Track and manage your classrooms, lessons and exams content though this powerful learning management systems.



learning management system

Vu2Learn is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based software solution.

The Vu2learn LMS addresses the demand for best-in-class online collaboration platforms.

Our LMS mitigates potential travel restrictions a provided a learn anywhere anytime solution.

Vu2Learn LMS provides the highest quality interactive educational experience.

The LMS is perfect in situations where students cannot physically attend a lecture/class or where a blended learning approach is applied.

Students and teachers can easily log in via a web-browser over a standard internet connection from both on and off-campus locations.


Vu2Learn provides state of art Learning Management System functionalities like Registration Control, Multiple device access,Distributed instructor and student base, Course calendars, Assessment and testing, Grading and Scoring for overall management of an Institution/University.

Flexible and adaptive MOOC platform that can be used both in the academia (Universities/Colleges) and in the industry (Internal training courses) which provides rich mentor-learner and learner-learner interactions

Vu2Learn offers Institutions/Universities to add their own customized courses and course structures so that they can have specific paths for the all round development of students as well as achieving Institution’s Mission.

Vu2Learn offers Virtual Classrooms with HD video/audio recording capabilities which allows participants to communicate with other participants, view presentations / videos, and engage with resources in work groups

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